Hi, most people call me Matt.

On this page I will answer the Who and Why of Gameplanfi.com.

And let’s start with the Why

I am a real estate and Internet entrepreneur and have most recently spent almost 15 years in the travel industry. My fields of expertise are business development, e-commerce and web development.

I am also a bit of a personal finance nerd. I have spent the last 20+ years as an entrepreneur and when you are in business for yourself you need to learn how to plan for good as well as not so good days.

And, as it happens, I also enjoy writing. 

Due to Covid-19 I found myself with plenty of time on my hands. The travel industry was in a holding pattern and everyone was waiting for everything to start up again.

And when you combine a restless nature with knowledge, expertise and a desire to write you end up with Gameplanfi.com – my latest project.

My objective with Gameplanfi.com is to show the reader how to start and monetize a website using the WordPress content management system.

There are of course already plenty of great resources available but it is my hope that I will be able to reach a forgotten group of readers.

I see my readers as experts in their field, hungry for an extra income and with some time on their hands. But lacking the knowledge to get going.

Helping former colleagues get started with their own websites I have realized that it is not only about what to do but also about what not too worry about.

Here on Gameplanfi.com I will publish articles I have written on web development and concepts within e-commerce, such as how to find and analyze your competitors, how to write articles that the readers and the search engines like as well as practical tips and how to guides.

As seen on Nerdwallet.com, Nasdaq.com and Marketwatch.com

And then there was the Who

I ended up in the travel industry by pure chance. 

Maybe it would have sounded better if it had been due to an inner desire to meet other people and cultures but that was not the case.

When I graduated from University the job market was tough and I felt lucky to land a job. I did not get to pick an industry of my choice (not that I would have been able to make an informed decision anyway).

My first job was with an international language company. I spent years travelling in Europe and what used to be referred to as the former Soviet Union.

When the company was acquired I decided to leave and start a family. 

Since then I have made the deliberate choice to travel less for work.

I have, however, continued to work within the travel industry and have been a partner in travel companies for the past 12 years or so. 

My main areas of expertise are best summed up as developing, launching and operating Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) in new markets.  

My day-to-day routine would include contact with airlines, content providers, suppliers as well as analysing competitors. The largest part of my day was however dedicated to improving our internet booking engines and web properties to gain market share in the highly competitive and fast moving travel industry.

To round out this short About me presentation I would describe myself as a professional, hard working, expert in my field and nowhere near ready to retire. 


  1. Lived and worked professionally in Sweden, England and the US 
  2. Studied at Universities in the US, Sweden and Austria
  3. Launched travel brands in 6 international markets
  4. Married with two sons and my favorite destinations to visit with my family are San Francisco, Vancouver, Malaga (Costa del Sol, Spain), Lake Como, (Italy) and Tokyo.
  5. Love to cook and take pride in my herb garden.

Again, welcome to Gameplanfi.com. And yes,  I assumed you would know where San Francisco, Vancouver and Tokyo are located.