How to Build a website with WordPress – the right way

Build a webiste the right way with WordPress

Are you tired of chasing around for good and actionable information on how to build a website with WordPress the right way?

Here you will find a start to finish guide on how to start your WordPress website – regardless of your level of knowledge.

This guide is a living document and last time we checked it was more than 9000 words.

The guide is free to read and use but you may not re-publish the guide or any parts of it without my written consent. 

This guide is written with the intent to be the guide I wish I had found when I first started with web development.

Information is presented in a conversational manner to help you understand each step. Read the guide from start to finish or jump to the chapter that id most relevant for you and your website.

It is important to understand that there is no such thing as guaranteed success. To be successful is a process and it tales time, effort, patience and persistence. 

This guide will give you a framework, or a game plan if you like, to follow on your journey to success.

Get to know the author

Sure you say, the information you share does not cost anything but why should I invest time reading about your approach?

1. More than 2 decades of experience

This guide encompasses years of experience coupled with fresh up-to-date techniques and tactics. Here you will find a historical perspective couple with current, relevant and actionable information.

But the guide will start from the beginning with the basics. We will look at how to register your domain name, sign up for website hosting, build a website and set up your mailing list in a way that should be easy to understand – regardless of your prior level of knowledge.

And if you already know – you can just skip ahead.

And if you have questions, please contact me. The answer to your question could potentially be included in the guide to help others as well.

2. From start to finish

I have the knowledge and experience to help you from setup via content production to monetization.

The guide will take you through set-up and launch but also give actionable tips and tactics on how to operate and run your website.

You will find that there are alternatives to performing most tasks without spending money. In web development we often spend money to save time. As you move forward you will on more than one occasion find yourself weighing an investment in money vs time spent manually performing the task.

I will always try to present free as well as for pay alternatives. I will share tips and tricks from the specific to the broad and general.

3. You do not have to pay me

I will not ask you to pay me for information or advice to read the information I publish. And I will always try to help.

I may in the future link to products or services where I get a commission if you make a purchase. But if and when I make that decision it will be clearly labelled.

Again, welcome and I wish you success in your life as a website owner.

The guide is divided into 9 different chapters. Get started below.

CHAPTER 1: Building your website the right way

Understand what lies at the core of any successful website and choose how you will build your website or blog.

Learn how to build your website the right way.
CHAPTER 2: Find your niche

Easy to follow steps to find and choose your niche. Tell me where you will make a difference.
CHAPTER 3: Setup Website

How to start your website in a 4 easy steps
CHAPTER 4: Mailing list provider

Activate a mailing list provider. Learn how to integrate Mailchimp in WordPress
CHAPTER 5: Terms, conditions and other must haves

Terms, conditions, privacy policies, cookies, CCPA, GDPR, etc.
CHAPTER 6: Keyword research and keyword phrases

Keyword research and the importance of focusing on keyword phrases.
CHAPTER 7: Types of content to publish

Understand and decide what types of content to write and publish
CHAPTER 8: Getting visitors to your website

How to get visitors to your website. Let the world know what you do
CHAPTER 9: Proven ways to monetize your website

Five proven ways to make money from a website

Meet the author: Serial entrepreneur and travel industry expert with more than 20 years working experience from web development, Wordpress and the travel industry. Mattias is a big fan of Open Source and will show you how to build and manage a website using Wordpress and a bit of optional PHP for the true enthusiast. Mattias identifies with self-starters and entrepreneurs and also shares ideas on how to monetize a website.