Building your website the right way

There are many guides out there offering advice on building your website, starting an online business and how to make money. But usually for a price.

Website owners will show their monthly earnings reports and offer to teach you how to copy their path to success.

The price tag for the course can vary but several hundred dollars is not unusual.

And if you are willing to spend the money I will not stop you.

Chances are that you will learn new things and an approach that worked for the author – and that may work for you in the future as well. But there are of course no guarantees in life.

Paid courses will often tell you how to set up your website and then spice it up with their “secret sauce”. They may advocate their specific approach to promotion via Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, guest posts, YouTube or something else.

But there is most often a kicker.

Build a website the content driven approach

Most experts agree that to succeed you need to write and publish great and unique content that solves real problems for your readers.

And I agree, this is vital and necessary for success. But most of us will need some time to learn what our visitors need and how to write the content that speaks to them.

I would even argue that any website that can produce great and unique content that solves relevant problems will have a real good chance of making an impact.

With unique content that makes an impact readers will find you,. And other websites will want to be friends with you as you will have readers and offer real value.

Actually, as long as you produce better content than what is already available you will have a real good shot at success.

Regardless of how you promote your website we can agree that great content is at the core of your potential future success.

So maybe it is wiser to save your money and start looking into how to build a website using a content driven approach?

I know I think so.

Building your website with User driven content

My approach to building a successful website focuses on a few core principles where the marketing via external channels follows the creation of great and user driven content.

To learn about my approach will not cost you anything – but I do not really like to use the word free. Because you do need to put in the work. And this guide is by no means a shortcut to success.

Building your website the right way takes time, focus and patience.

My approach is a living document that focuses on how to build a website with WordPress the right way by

Choose your path to building a website

I firmly believe that anyone can build a website. Further, if you build your website the right way and offer unique value you should get visitors. And when you have visitors you have the potential to make money. But you need to create value for your visitors.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, it starts with building a website the right way.

Now, this does not mean that we can all build a website, stop working and rely on our online money making initiatives to support us financially.

But I can show you how to build a website that could make money. It is not difficult. But it will require an investment in time as well as hard work.

Hard work makes sense – but how much time you ask?

Well, that is partly up to you.

Free or small investment to save time and have full control

There are two distinctly different paths to launch a website. And I will leave it up to you and your circumstances to choose your path.

This guide will work for both paths.

The free all the way path

Here all you need is time and the willingness to work the hours. You will use free web hosting and a domain address that is made available to you.

The advantage is of course that you do not have to spend any money to get started.

The downside is that you do not own the domain name you are developing and you have less options when it comes to design and functionality.

It may not sound like a big deal but most web entrepreneurs will insist on owning the brand and website they create.

Especially as it does not have to cost you a lot of money to get started with your own domain name, web hosting and website.

Build a website and make money on a budget

The other alternative is to spend some money on key elements and services to start your blog or website.

When you do, you will have more control over the brand and website you create.

But again, I will leave this decision to you.

Chapter 1


If you have come this far you have most likely decided to build a website the right way using a content driven approach.

You may have decided to use free resources. Or maybe you prefer to own your own domain name and pay for a few other core services. Regardless of the path you have chosen you are willing to spend the time and effort needed to try and make it a success.

You may have two hours every day, five hours per week or maybe you can dedicate yourself full-time to your new venture. Your goal is to make your website a business that will make money.

Most importantly, you have decided to take action. This is always the first step and it is often the hardest.

Next we will look at how you can use research coupled with your experience, passion and interest to find the best niche for you and your website.

Meet the author: Mattias (Matt) is a serial entrepreneur and travel industry expert with more than 20 years of experience in business and web development. Mattias identifies with self-starters and entrepreneurs, loves to garden, and believes everyone needs a game plan for financial independence.