5 proven ways to monetize websites

Here we list 5 proven ways to monetize websites.

After all, if you make the effort to build and develop your website the right way you will have the option to try and monetize your efforts.

As I have already stated I firmly believe that anyone can make money online.

But to monetize websites you need to build the website the right way and develop content using sound keyword research practices. Because to make money you need to get visitors to your website.

Here are 5 proven ways to monetize websites.

1. Selling Pay per click ad space

When you sign up to sell advertising space on your website to a pay per click network, you make money when your visitor clicks on that advertisement on your website.

Google Adsense is probably the most commonly known Pay per click service and you will get a profit share of the price paid for the click.

It is really simple to sign up but only quality websites will get accepted into the program.

When you are accepted into the program you need to decide

– where you want the ads to appear on your website

Do you want the ads to appear in your articles or maybe you prefer the footer area. You decide. Period.

– what type of ads you want to show your visitors

You can choose text ads or display (banner) ads. Again it is up to you.

– how big your want the ads to be

You guessed it. You will be asked to choose from a set number of ad sizes.

When you have made the selection for type and size of ad you are given an auto-generated piece of code to insert into your website.

This code will generate the ad dynamically and after a short while you will start seeing ads on your website.

How much money can you make? Depends on your niche and the amount of clicks your traffic generates.

It is free to sign up and try.

2. Make money from your website Selling Ad space

Another alternative to monetize websites is to simply contact companies directly and offer to sell them advertising space on your website.

Selling ad space directly is more time consuming but if you have enough visitors it is also potentially more lucrative.

When selling ad space you will typically charge a price per CPM. CPM simply means “per one thousand impressions” or, loosely translated, visits.

For example, if you charge USD 2 CPM and you have 50 000 visits per month you would stand to make USD 100 per month.

Now, feel free to make the same calculation using 5 or even 10 USD CPM. And while you are at it, try it with 50 000 but also 100 000 and 200 000 visits per month.

I have never had success selling ad space directly but for some niches it can be very lucrative.

3. Monetize website with Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is, simply put, when you as a website owner agree to promote another company’s product or service for an agreed upon commission.

As a website owner you will search for products and services related to your niche and offer ad space or maybe even write a review.

A tried and tested way is to identify a problem that needs solving. Now find the top 5 products or services that solve this problem and compare them. You may end up with one product being Best option where another could be Best budget option.

For affiliate marketing to be a profitable and viable long-term model, the affiliate marketer needs to use good judgement, be honest and knowledgeable.

I know I am repeating myself but you must create value for your website visitors through good content. Do not be tempted to focus on commissions alone.

4. Sell your own service or product

If you already run a business offering products or services there are two ways to make money from your website

  • generate interest for your products and services via your website
  • sell products or services via an ecommerce plugin like woocommerce

Real estate agents, travel agents and companies with virtual products like guides or courses are examples of real world businesses that could benefit from an online presence.

5. Monetize websites with Lead generation

Lead generation is closely related to affiliate marketing with the distinction that you do not need to generate a purchase to earn your commission.

Instead you are remunerated when you provide a lead that is pre-qualified per your partners requirement.

The pre-qualification can be as basic as a full name and a working email address or as lengthy as completing and submitting a questionnaire.

Your task is to make the introduction. Period.

Visitors, visitors and visitors..did I mention visitors?

The 5 ways to make money from a website listed above all rely on one core component.

You guessed it. You need visitors.

So do keep your preferred way to make money from your website in mind but focus on creating great content.

Did I mention 500 words a day? Well, either way you get the picture.

Good luck and remember that even though there are no guarantees in life, great content has a habit of finding readers. And when you have readers, the fun begins….


Meet the author: Mattias (Matt) is a serial entrepreneur and travel industry expert with more than 20 years of experience in business and web development. Mattias identifies with self-starters and entrepreneurs, loves to garden, and believes everyone needs a game plan for financial independence.