So how Long Will It Take to make money?

Before you start, it is essential to accept that it takes patience to build a website the right way.

You are looking to build a website that attracts visitors from traffic sources like search engines and social media channels.

My version focuses on five fundamental principles to build additional income streams

  1. Build websites
  2. Create unique content
  3. Promote websites
  4. Monetize websites
  5. Learn and improve through data analysis

Building websites the right way

Visitors from search engines and social media channels need to be earned.

You need to create helpful content that solves real problems.

You need to understand and master concepts like user intent and search engine optimization (SEO).

You will also use email marketing and email sequencing to create user interest, income, and a loyal following.

The good news is that it does not have to cost you a lot to start a website that could make you money.

You can even do it for absolutely free (but I do not recommend it).

I intend to create the guide I wish I had found when I first started building websites for passive income.

The information I provide is free to use for your purposes. But you may not re-publish or sell the information.

Maybe Gameplay Financial Independence is a somewhat pretentious name.

But for me, independence means control.

And the road to financial control can start with something as easy as starting to create streams of passive income that you control.

Let’s take a quick look at what you can expect to find here on

What this website does (and doesn’t) do

I have a successful track record as an entrepreneur. University studies aside, I have spent 20+ years making a living from building businesses as a self-employed entrepreneur.

But that does not make me a financial advisor. 

And I am not here to tell you how to invest your money or how and where to allocate your savings.

You should always consult licensed professionals before making any financial decisions or undertakings.

So Let’s Break It Down.

Please note that this is my opinion as it is financial control and independence my way. I am not telling you this is the way for you or anyone else. So please – no angry emails.

For the retire-early crowd, the goal seems to be to retire as soon as possible at any cost. You should save as much as possible – all the time.

And their goal is to retire early — if possible, in your thirties early! And from what I read, people save more than 50% of their salaries! And — I have to assume — they feel that work is an income and nothing else.

The Path I Have Chosen

I am not willing to make early retirement the ultimate goal.

I have a life to live. I do want to enjoy it. And I believe financial control and independence is a process – not a race.

For me it is key to work towards

  1. Finding ways to work on my terms.
  2. Avoiding relying on single streams of income. 
  3. Making small, deliberate changes that make a difference over time.
  4. Remember to enjoy life today as well as to plan for the future.
  5. Working with sub-goals to make it easier to focus and celebrate milestones

You see, financial control and independence my way means to take control of my life and to try to live responsibly. And a lot comes down to being patient and having the right mindset.

And — very importantly — to enjoy life as I live it.

Choose to get started today or contact me if you have questions.

Meet the author: Mattias (Matt) is a serial entrepreneur and travel industry expert with more than 20 years of experience in business and web development. Mattias identifies with self-starters and entrepreneurs, loves to garden, and believes everyone needs a game plan for financial independence.