A Data-Driven approach to success

My name is Matt, and I want to show you how a data-driven approach to content marketing can help you create success online.

I am a serial entrepreneur and have been in business for myself for the past 30 years or so.

I work full-time as a consultant on projects where I can make a difference, run three informational websites and own commercial real estate.

But I had to work for where I am today. If you want to work with me, click here. Or keep reading to learn more about me and how I got here.

Making a change was a gradual process

When I graduated from University, the job market was tough, and I felt lucky to land a job. I did not get to pick an industry.

Looking back, this should have been my first wake-up call. Was not a university degree meant to secure a promising career?

My first job was in business development with an international language training company. I spent years traveling in Europe and Asia. I was responsible for managing the agent networks and sending students to our schools and partner universities.

But when Sylvan Learning Industries acquired the company, I was told to prepare for a bumpy road ahead and a likely move to Baltimore. 

I liked living and working in San Francisco. I decided to leave before investing in a move across the country, only to risk being asked to go 6-12 months later. 

This was my wake-up call. It was scary how a secure job and career could be taken away seemingly overnight. Working hard was not enough to stay safe and secure. 

I did not like to have all my eggs in one basket. And especially not when someone else was in control of that basket!

It became clear to me that I needed to work smarter.

Since that day, I have worked for myself in one form or another. More control, freedom, and independence became integral to my game plan

I was ready for a change. The direction was set. But it did not happen overnight. 

Creating good habits

I needed a framework or a game plan to support my journey to professional and, ultimately, financial control, freedom, and independence

And what I have learned along the way is that it is vital to get started. Forget perfection. If you fail, learn from it and keep moving forward 

It is about creating good habits. And you do not need to have a lot of money to start. You need to start making small changes.

When you know what to do, you need good habits to help you take action, implement and stay on course. And this is what creates your success.

Remember, success is a process, not a destination.

The “why”

My objective with Gameplanfi.com is to show how it is all about taking action.

Why a guide on how to build a website using WordPress to create passive income streams online?

Because all skills needed can be taught; unlike investing, you do not need a lot of money to get started.

And the good habits you create can help you succeed in all facets of life.

I will give you the tools or the “what to do” in the form of free guides on how to start websites using WordPress. I will show you how to use data analysis to create a foundation for success online.

You will also find articles focusing on tips, tricks, and data-driven methods to help you create good habits and work smarter and more effectively. 

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5 quick facts About me

  1. Lived and worked professionally in Sweden, England, and the USA 
  2. Attended universities in the USA, Sweden, and Austria
  3. I launched travel brands in 6 international markets
  4. Married with two sons, my favorite destinations to visit with my family are San Francisco, Vancouver, Malaga (Costa del Sol, Spain), Lake Como (Italy), and Tokyo.
  5. I love to cook and take pride in my herb and vegetable garden.

Welcome to Gameplanfi.com.